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Boys - Telugu Songs

Telugu Movie Cast : Siddardh, Nakul, Sai,
Bharath, Manigandhan, Genelia And Vivek
Lyrics : Siva Ganesh & AM Rathnam
Release date : 29th August
Banner : Sri Surya Movies
Producer : AM Rathnam
Music : AR Rehman
Director : Shankar
Year :  2003

Track list of Download from Siddardh Boys Telugu Mp3 Songs here :
  • For the first time a song describing love shot in Tasmania (Australia) using 62 camera units for the matrix effect.
  • A 3D character was created and let loose along with the real artistes in the song 'Girlfriends'.
  • For the first time Adnan Sami and Lucky Ali sing for a Telugu film.

01. Makoka Girl Friend
Karthik, Timmy, Tippu
[SS]  (or)  [ZIP]

02. Ale Ale
Karthik, Chitra Sivaraman
[SS]  (or)  [ZIP]

03. Dating
Blaaze, Vasundhara Das
[SS]  (or)  [ZIP]

04. Boom Boom
Udit Narayan, Sadhana Sargam
[SS]  (or)  [ZIP]

05. Maro Maro
Karthik, Kunal, George, Anupama, Sunitha
[SS]  (or)  [ZIP]

06. Please Sir
[SS]  (or)  [ZIP]

07. Saregame
Lucky Ali, Clinton, Blaaze, Vasundhara Das
[SS]  (or)  [ZIP]

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